Learn more about the various ministries of NYPC and find out how you can get involved.


Through various services and talents, our ministry teams aim to give Christ glory and spread the gospel message in every form. Whether it is through technology, evangelization, or community events, our unified passion is to help invite more people into God’s Kingdom and give our congregation its voice to the outside world.

Worship & Greeting
Our welcoming ministry team’s goal is to show the love of Christ to both newcomers and members of our English congregation. Our role consists of greeting members and newcomers every Sunday morning and distributing bulletins. We usher newcomers into our worship and help them get plugged into our English congregation and regionally through small groups.

The outreach ministry team serves to provide opportunities for the English-speaking Congregation (EC) to be available to the community as part of the Great Commission, the directive of God to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. We will partner with the broader community within our church through Vision Challenge, which provides ongoing opportunities for evangelism within the United States and at the global level. We also serve other departments of our church, such as the All Nations Ministry (Nepalese), Spanish, and Korean speaking ministries, when needed. With each of our Ministry Team members represented in all of the regional small groups, we desire to be active in our outreach to our respective local communities.

The events ministry team seeks to serve God and our church through planning and organizing Christ-centered events. Depending on the event, responsibilities can include preparing food and menu, planning programs and games, decorating, gathering volunteers, setting up, and cleaning up. Main events include the Christmas potluck, Thanksgiving dinner, and Invitation Sunday.

Our media ministry team helps to provide the technical means of communication to share the gospel message and the mission of our church. We do this through different sources of media, such as brochures, our website, video, social media and more. Our purpose is to be able to communicate in a way that is accessible to the community and making our congregation present for those who are seeking.

The finance ministry team’s goal is to create a way to streamline the EC’s budget so that events and other financial needs of the congregation are properly funded. Our duties include reimbursements, counting weekly offering, and making an annual budget. We hope to build a connection with the other ministry teams in such a way that we can always be there for them when they need financial assistance. Lastly, we strive to ensure that our use of the budget is always for the church and ultimately Christ-centered.

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